RED WHITE AND BLUEBELLE is a rhyming picture book parody for children and for the adults who read with them.


A funny family-friendly parody about a politically relevant subject, RED WHITE AND BLUEBELLE looks forward to the upcoming election with a retrospective of the 2016 election results. Chock-full of ribbing at both candidates with good-natured Trump humor, here's a book Liberals and Conservatives alike will love. Discuss today's hot topics with children in preparation for a 21st century historical event - the 2020 presidential election!

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Introducing the Donkey,

the Democrat party symbol.


Introducing the Rat.

He's up to no good.


Ronald Trunk

Introducing the Elephant,

the Republican party symbol.


Introducing Lovely Lotus Skunk.

She demonstrates the importance of voting.


Introducing the Mice.

They want to join the zoo.


Introducing the Eagle,

our patriotic symbol.

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Our political parody, RED WHITE AND BLUEBELLE, is a presidential election picture book about voting.
After it's launch, we'll aim to continue producing unique children's books that'll make a difference.
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