This donkey is smart,

sassy, and determined.

Can she win the presidency?


 Trunk is one clever elephant,

but can he get enough votes

to be the president?


 Who will win the next presidential election - bighearted Bluebelle

or the bold Ronald Trunk?

For Children and Teenagers

RED WHITE AND BLUEBELLE introduces presidential elections and voting. Bluebelle and Ronald Trunk (a recognizable Donald Trump) tackle issues of their zoo with humor and rhyming verse. Contemporary issues mirror important political topics which are debated today, including gender, economy, and immigration. RED WHITE AND BLUEBELLE  is nonpartisan: it doesn't choose sides, and it's perfect for classrooms, homes, and libraries.

For Readers of All Ages


Based on the 2016 presidential election results, adults will value RED WHITE AND BLUEBELLE as a conversation starter between children, friends, and colleagues. Why did the Donkey lose? Why did the Elephant win? Can the two be friends again? Do you think the Donkey or the Elephant will win the upcoming election? This picture book starring Bluebelle and Ronald Trunk (Donald Trump) is also a hilarious political parody that both Democrats and Republicans will love.

EVOLUTION OF CHARACTERS by illustrator Brian Martin

In the beginning...


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We're a new independent publisher in Ashland, Oregon, and we produce top-notch high quality hardcover books for youth. Our political parody, RED WHITE AND BLUEBELLE, is a children's presidential election picture book about voting. After it's launch, we'll aim to continue producing unique children's books that make a difference.
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Get RED WHITE AND BLUEBELLE, a children's picture book about voting and presidential elections.

This picture book starring Bluebelle and Donald Trump (as Ronald Trunk) 

is a hilarious political parody that Democrats and Republicans will love.

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