Carrot Top Press is an independent children's book publisher in Oregon. We're steeped in long-time memories of the enchanting beauty of traditionally printed literature. Our mission is to provide high quality hardcover books of which we'll be proud for the personal attention, artistry, and passion vested into every book.


We're reviewing unsolicited manuscripts from authors from the Pacific Northwest as well as across the United States. We're mainly interested in producing literature for the youth market, especially picture books. 


We seek stories with challenging, sensitive, and thought-provoking themes. Given our books will be marketed on social media platforms, our themes must be relevant and intriguing enough to compel adults to click and purchase. We target book sales with ad campaigns across social media so our books will rise above the over 32 million online book titles. If you're wondering, Carrot Top Press covers these costs. We won't require authors and illustrators to curry Herculean social media followings, and we won't evaluate their number of online followers and friends before offering a contract.


We'll never accept payment for services from any of our team members: no fees for setup, sponsored coursework, illustrations, editing, or print.

Simply stated, we're not a vanity press.

Check out our flagship picture book, RED WHITE AND BLUEBELLE, about voting in a presidential election. Both Democrats and Republicans agree it's a great children's book about the power of the vote. 

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