Can Democrats and Republicans get along?

Who will the next President be ... a Donkey or the Elephant?

Mirroring actual events, Red, White, and Bluebelle is the only nonpartisan "Vote for President Book" available!


Writer’s Digest award-winner, Jessie Burnam, wrote this rollicking parody with the dueling viewpoints of today's politics. Adults will value Red, White, and Bluebelle as a conversation starter for sensitive political topics, such as immigration. Democrats and Republicans alike will delight in Trunk and Bluebelle's exuberant banter. Children will laugh, wonder who'll win, and fully grasp the importance of voting. The compelling artwork is by Brian Martin, illustrator of the popular award-winning series, Connor the Courageous Cutter.

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Red, White, and Bluebelle offers:

  1. A unique holiday gift  

  2. Humor for challenging topics

  3. Educational value

  4. Dual perspectives, as every story has two sides

Get RED WHITE AND BLUEBELLE, a children's picture book about voting and presidential elections.

This picture book starring Bluebelle and Donald Trump (as Ronald Trunk) 

is a hilarious political parody that Democrats and Republicans will love.

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