Type in the subject line of your email PICTURE BOOK: (story title) by Author (name).

Type your Query Letter in the body of your email followed by your copied and pasted manuscript. We won't open attachments. Unless you're an Author/Illustrator, do not send illustrations - just the text (Author/Illustrators, please see directly below). If your manuscript  warrants it, limited illustration notes are acceptable. We'll assume you're submitting to other publishers, so no need to mention that.


  • briefly description and pitch of your manuscript

  • intended theme and additional information relevant to your manuscript

  • age-range, word count, page number, and genre

  • author biography

  • website and publishing history, if any

  • indicate what you've been doing to hone your craft

  • If you're agent-represented, please indicate

  • contact information and phone number


  • copy/paste the entire manuscript following the Query Letter

  • double-space your manuscript

  • paginate your manuscript, as we want to see how you planned for page turns

  • do not snail mail your manuscript or send it certified-receipt -

        sorry ~ it won't be opened



Type in the subject line of your email PICTURE BOOK: (story title) by Author/Illustrator (name).

Follow the same guidelines for both authors and illustrators if you're submitting an illustrated manuscript. Email your query to and your copied/pasted manuscript. Also, attach a .pdf of your illustrated story. We won't be returning any mailings, so not send original art or copies of originals. Simply attach a .pdf file. If interested in your illustrated manuscript, we'll respond within 1 month.

If you don't hear back from us, please assume your project doesn't meet our current goals. If we can foresee that your style of illustration is a great match for a potential manuscript in the future, we'll keep your contact information on file.


  • Type in the subject line of your email PICTURE BOOK ILLUSTRATIONS by Illustrator (name).

  • Email your query. Include your illustration biography, affiliations, and publishing history (if any), along with your website link.

  • Discuss experience and knowledge with:

       (a) design standards for picture books

       (b) illustration styles and mediums. If you're a digital artist, discuss

             software programs used and proficiency levels

       (c) formatting files for print or eBook

       (d) font selection (including licensing for commercial purposes) for  

            children's literature

  • If you're agent-represented, please indicate

  • Attach a .pdf file that showcases your best illustrations.

  • We won't be returning any mailings, so do not send original art or copies. Just attach a .pdf file.

  • We won't be returning art by mail, fax, or CD. It's not our policy to return, even with an SASE.


      If we love your illustrations, we'll contact you and we'll also keep  

      your information on file.

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