Celebration of Red White and Bluebelle.j

based on the 2016 election results,

the elephant wins. 

CAN he win next time? It depends on the vote.

Order RED WHITE AND BLUEBELLE, a patriotic picture book that's:​​

The outcome of the 2016 presidential election inspired the development of RED WHITE AND BLUEBELLE. This story stars Bluebelle the Donkey and Ronald Trunk the Elephant.  Ronald Trunk is the law and order candidate who wants "SAFETY - PEACE - RESPECT".  For kids, here's an engaging rhyming picture book about an election that demonstrates the importance of voting. For adults, RED WHITE AND BLUEBELLE is a reminder to vote. If you enjoyed Eric Metaxas's Donald the Caveman books, you'll cheer for Ronald Trunk in this funny and fun-loving presidential story.

Explain today's hot topics with children in preparation for a 21st century historical event - the 2020 presidential election!

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Introducing the Donkey,

the Democrat party symbol.

Ronald Trunk

Introducing the Elephant,

the Republican party symbol.


Introducing the Eagle,

our patriotic symbol.


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"Martin's cartoon illustrations, like those in Ruby's buttons (2019), are comical and exactly match the tone of Burnam's rhyming stanzas...

Wix Monkey Tree.jpg


"What a 5-Star-terrific book!

In the spirit of Shel Silverstein - forget demographics:

it's not just for kids,

it's for everybody...

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"...at its core, RED, WHITE, AND BLUEBELLE is not about politics--it's about patriotism...

A real


Who will be the

next president

It depends

on the vote!

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Our political parody, RED WHITE AND BLUEBELLE, is a fun and funny presidential election picture book about voting.
It includes an elephant reminiscent of President Donald Trump and a donkey symbolic of Democrat candidates, past and present (Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders).
After RED WHITE AND BLUEBELLE's launch, we'll aim to continue producing unique children's books that'll make a difference. Our books are top-notch high quality hardcover, dust-jacketed books for youth. 
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