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We're excited to announce that RED WHITE AND BLUEBELLE: A VOTE FOR PRESIDENT BOOK experienced a stellar month in August. With the 2020 presidential election quickly approaching, this funny picture book parody hit Amazon's Best Sellers' Lists on three separate dates (August 19, August 22, and August 31)! Woo-hoo! .

Both Kindle and Hardcopy versions of this children's book made it to this Best Seller Lists. Written for kids and adults (Democrats and Republicans), we're glad this children's picture book landed in Amazon's spotlight before the Biden and Trump debate. We want parents to be able to discuss contemporary issues with children, and this picture book covers difficult and controversial hot topics, both symbolically and metaphorically. We're thrilled this book is making it into families' hands before we retire this title in Autumn.

RED WHITE AND BLUEBELLE: A VOTE FOR PRESIDENT BOOK was listed on these seven Amazon Best Seller lists for Hardcover and Kindle:

1. Children Explore United States Fiction

2. Children's Humorous Poetry

3. Children's Government Books

4. Children's Nonreligious Holiday Books

5. Political Humor

6. Political Parties

7. Leadership

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