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Google 1st Page SEO

We're thrilled that RED WHITE AND BLUEBELLE continues to be Search Engine Optimized. For example, using the search words "president, vote, picture book, parody" in various combinations has landed RED WHITE AND BLUEBELLE: A VOTE FOR PRESIDENT BOOK on the first page of Google.

Today, by searching some of these words, RED WHITE AND BLUEBELLE landed in the first spot as well as the fourth spot for Amazon. Also, in September, this humor-filled picture book landed on these two Best Seller Lists on Amazon:

- Children's Explore United States Fiction

- Leadership (Kindle store)

We've enjoyed marketing this nonpartisan picture book parody. We believe it's important children's literature that's been released during an increasingly challenging and volatile political environment. It explores voting between the symbolic Democrat and Republican presidential candidates, a donkey named Bluebelle and an elephant named Ronald Trunk. As the presidential race between President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden speeds towards the November 3rd finish line, we'll continue to offer RED WHITE AND BLUEBELLE. Afterwards, we'll turn our attention to other tamer projects.

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