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Updated: Aug 6

As my husband and I were preparing to relocate out of state, I had this wild notion to reinvent ourselves. I'm a retired educator (educational software trainer, learning disabilities specialist, prior university administrator), and hubby is trading in the office to work at home. There's something about a major move that opens up a world of possibilities. Given we're both published authors for the youth market, I expressed how great it would be to start our own independent publishing house. WHAT? Become an Independent Publisher? My husband, ever so practical, surprisingly thought this a terrific idea, and emboldened with his positivity, we hatched Carrot Top Press.

Fast forward through several weeks and a move and settling in and such, we've proudly incorporated as an LLC and starting to launch. A couple reinvent themselves and become independent publishers. Their first picture book election parody includes Trump humor.

Our vision for our publishing house is strictly to be an Independent one. We will never, never, ever charge our team members any fees. We have grand goals, and we look forward to other outstanding authors and artists who'll be joining us. We can't wait to see all that 2019 will bring!

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