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Updated: Aug 6

From Goodreads Reviewer, Robert Morgan Fisher

Antioch University, Affiliate Faculty Member

"I  like fiction that takes chances--even children's fiction. This book is  perfect for our times and also timeless. Jessica Sorkin Burnam and illustrator Brian Martin have created a vital political tutorial for small children (who are oh-so-much more intuitive and aware than we give  them credit for). "Political acumen" is actually something for which students are graded in the better elementary schools these days. But at its core, RED, WHITE, AND BLUEBELLE is not about politics--it's about  patriotism."   

At Carrot Top Press, we were so pleased to receive this review of RED WHITE AND BLUEBELLE, a parody of the presidential election, inspired by the 2016 election. It's for children of all ages, and Democrats / Liberals and Republicans / Conservatives. With good-natured Trump humor, it's sure to make readers laugh and inspire adult readers to vote.

  • July 2020 note: RED WHITE AND BLUEBELLE is now available for free through Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program.

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