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White Rabbit In Wonderland

Apparently, local legend is that there was a colony of white rabbits in our Ashland Oregon neighborhood. My husband loves Alice in Wonderland ... it was a childhood favorite. I love seeing this ginormous white rabbit somehow surviving this snowy winter. Our area is surrounded by mountains, and predators roam down to the local properties often enough for the city to publish a map of cougar and bear sightings. I'm amazed that at least one of these humungous rabbits-on-steroids is alive and well. We spot this champion every week or so - sometimes in a yard, across the street, or a block away. So, we’re incorporating him (her) into the design of our company logo. It’s fitting, since Carrot Top Press is an independent children’s publishing house which will be publishing picture books. We snapped so many pictures of this immortal hare ~ whenever we'd see him (her :-), it was as if we'd witnessed a celebrity sighting. See more pictures here on Instagram.

Alice in Wonderland's white rabbit

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